Essential Car Tyre Safety Check

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August 11th, 2023 by harlalka

If you drive using damaged or worn tyres it can pose a serious threat to your safety on the road, and you do not want that. So, there are some simple safety checks that you can perform with regards to your car tyres and make sure that they are in a reliable condition at all times.

Checking tyre pressure

Using correctly inflated tyres is essential to stay safe on road. If the tyres are under inflated or over inflated there is a risk of abrupt failure – in fact, this way, if you are driving at high speed it can lead to a blow out and a serious accident.

Checking tyre tread depth

This is one of the most basic – and yet one of the most important – car tyre safety checks that you can ever perform. You can measure the tread depth easily and quickly by using tyre tread depth gauges that you would get from the major motor factories.

Checking for uneven or abnormal tyre wear

Tyre wear needs to be consistent across the surface of the same. If you see heavy wear on the outside or inside edge of the tyre surface it is an indication that it is not inflated properly or aligned incorrectly.

Checking for visible damage to tyres

You need to check the tyre surfaces visually for bulges and cuts and especially so in the inside and the outside walls. Check for cuts in the side wall or sharp objects in the thread.

Checking for correct tyre fitment and specification

The tyres need to be of the right size as well as speed rating with respect to your car. If they are unsuitable or mismatched it could lead to safety issues. Thus, it is so important that you use rightly rated and sized tyres for your vehicle.

Checking for gradual and consistent loss of tyre pressure

It is not always that your car’s tyres would be punctured slowly. A common issue with alloy wheels – especially of a certain age – is the gradual and constant loss of pressure from the tyres. For example, it could be that the car’s wheel rim is getting corroded.

There are some other symptoms that you need to pay attention to in these cases. These other issues are not as obvious as the ones we have mentioned so far. This includes vibration of the steering wheel, excessive road noise, and pulling to one side.


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