Benefits Of Nitrogen Inflated Tyres

nitrogen filled tyre

September 11th, 2023 by harlalka

These days, a lot of people prefer nitrogen over compressed air, a traditional option, for maintaining the tyres of their vehicles. Some sceptics might question if the switch is worth it but there are substantial and palpable benefits to be had from using nitrogen in your vehicle’s tyres. It provides you with so many advantages and this is why it could very well be the right choice for the tyres.

Improved tyre pressure retention

One of the primary benefits that you get from using nitrogen in your car tyres is that it is much better at retaining the pressure of the tyres compared to the other options. The molecules of nitrogen are bigger than those of oxygen and this implies that their chances of escaping through the tyre’s rubber are fewer – the same thing can also be said for their prospect of permeating the walls of these tyres. This also means that you have more stable pressure over a longer period. When your car tyres are inflated properly you can expect benefits such as improved fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, and greater safety. When the tyres have proper pressure it lowers rolling resistance and this means that you get better mileage from your fuel.

Reduced oxidation and corrosion

Compressed air usually has impurities such as moisture and this can contribute to issues such as corrosion and oxidation within the tyre. On the contrary, nitrogen is dry and there are no such contaminants in the same. This also lowers the risk of corrosion and rust on the steel belts and rims within the tyre thus prolonging the life of the tyre and the wheel.

Temperature stability

Compared to compressed air, nitrogen offers you greater temperature-related stability. When your tyres get heated the nitrogen within them expands at a much more predictable rate compared to oxygen. Now such heating can happen because of driving or the weather conditions. No matter what, when you use nitrogen to fill your car’s tyres the chances of them experiencing a sudden increase in pressure are far fewer. This lowers the risk of blowouts as well.

Enhanced fuel efficiency

It is important to maintain proper pressure in the tyres to make sure you are using fuel efficiently. If the tyres are underinflated it will create greater rolling resistance. This will force the engine to work harder and that will lead it to consuming more fuel. Nitrogen is capable of maintaining a consistent level of pressure in the tyres and this helps you optimize the fuel efficiency of your car. This also means you save money on fuel over time.

Using nitrogen to fill the tyres of your car also provides you with several other benefits such as improved traction and handling and enhanced tyre life. When your car tyres have a stable pressure it helps you get a more consistent and predictable grip on different road surfaces. This happens to be an eco-friendly option as well. Also, such usage guarantees that your car will perform better in extreme conditions.

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