Are used car tyres safe?

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July 11th, 2023 by harlalka

Cost should not be the only reason why you buy a car tyre. When your existing car tyres get damaged beyond repair or run out of their tread life the only way to deal with the problem is to replace them. In this case there is always the temptation to save some money and buy used ones.

Sellers may lie

There are so many reasons why you should not buy used and old tyres and this is the first one of them. If you do not know the history of the tyre and buy it without any confirmation regarding its usage you are throwing your money down the drain. It is a lot like shooting in the dark not knowing what or where you are aiming at.

The sheen could be fake

Some dealers that sell such used tyres fix their issues for the time being or paint them black to make sure that they last a few kilometers. This has an adverse effect on how safe you are on the road.

It is difficult to inspect tyres

As opposed to cars it is hard to detect partially worn tyres as the damage might be internal. It also does not help that in these cases you do not know their history. It could have been driven underinflated or overloaded, driven at excessively high speeds or subjected to burnouts.

They do not come with warranties

Used tyres do not come with any warranty and this implies even if there is a manufacturing defect that crops up when you are using it you would not be able to make claim as there is no warranty.

Not all of them are good

Just because the treads on the tyres look good it does not mean that they are in a good condition. The rubber might be deteriorating because of its age and you would not be able to see that with your naked eyes.

The role of tyre in road accidents

The tyres of your car play a major role in road accidents as is evident from global statistics in this particular regard. Statistics do not exactly favor old tyres.

Just so that you can be safe it is recommended that you avoid replacing your existing tyres with partially worn or old ones. In these cases, reliability would always be an issue in the long run and so trying to save a few rupees with old tyres would haunt you later. You should by tyres from a reputed car tyre shop.

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